Domain Complete Care


'Domain Complete Care'

Real Estate has changed, the revolution of property management has been simplified over the years with online services and the internet making many industries change their operations. 'Domain Complete Care' want to pass these technological advances to you. Domain Real Estate Vic (est 2005) with over 40 years of combined Director experience have simplified the leasing process to offer a complete real estate property management service with ease. Introducing industry first technology as part of our standard service.


What does Domain Complete Care include? Full Property Management as per Estate Act 1980

What is the technology? Property Management with advanced technology profiling

Is there any additional fees? $0 this is part of our service

I have a property with another real estate, can I change? Yes, please email to received the change over kit

Is there startup fee? $0.

I have a new property, I want leased, what does it cost? Advertising online cost and letting fee.

I want to change to domain complete care from my current real estate agency, what's involved? Its simple please call 0499DOMAIN (0499366246)

Do you charge extra for routine inspection? No

Do you charge extra for condition reports? No

What is a releasing fee? A fee an agency charges when its released during a term.

Do you charge to organise urgent repairs? No

My tenants are late paying rent, what do you do? Domain Compete Care acts with the rights of law, additionally we inform you every step of the way to resolve this issue. Our new technology informs us before the issue arises so you are well informed along the way.

I'm a bit skeptical, what do you cut from the service, if you don't charge extra? Nothing.

How can you offer a simple straight forward process? Our directors have been in the industry with a combined experience of over 40 years. We have established the best relationships in Real Estate to provide the best Property Management Software, advertising (eg:,) and all marketing solutions create a simple solution to lease a property successfully. Technological advances are passed on to you. There are not any hidden fees, check what you are paying now?

Do you have a trust account to collect rent? Yes, we are are a licenced real estate agency based in Victoria.

Is there any other fees throughout the lease? All agencies have fees throughout the lease as issues arise, the most common is VCAT fees, if applicable.

Are you an online only business? No, you can talk to us anytime 0499DOMAIN (0499366246)

Where is your office? Balwyn North, in Q3 we will be at our new site at the Docklands.

How do I change? Too easy... call 0499DOMAIN (0499366246) or email us


Full Service - Licensed Estate Agent

Extra Cost $0

'Domain Complete Care'