Reference Checks


Domain Real Estate Vic do NOT provide reference checks prior to a request is made to your property manager in writing, as we value everyone's privacy.

Reference checks are conducted in the 1form or example questions below ONLY, which can be copy and pasted in an email.

Third party apps and other privately run systems that other real estate agencies use are not used by Domain Real Estate Vic due to private data on some platforms stored overseas, we do not push links in emails or text messages.

Example for questions:

Could you please provide a tenancy reference for this applicant at your earliest convenience, by confirming the following information:

* Why did the tenant decide to leave?

* Will you be refunding their bond in full?

* Did they maintain the property? Any major damage?

* Is their rent consistently paid on time?

* Would you rent a property out to them again and if no, why not?

To view a copy of the applicants signed Terms & Conditions including a Tenancy Privacy Statement / Collection Notice & Tenant Declaration, please click here.

Thanking you in advance for your co-operation and prompt assistance.

Kind regards,


(Note to agents, repeated calls, text and email are ignored.)